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About Dallas By Definition

For the past 30 years, we have been the premier market research facility in the Southwest. Our family run, woman owned business allows us unique and personal insights and support - our track record speaks for itself.

We prioritize and excel at high quality service and support to clients locally and worldwide, with personal attention given to groups small and large.

We pride ourselves on our knowledgable recruiting, thoughtful service, and welcoming state of the art facilities. From large mock trials, to small select product feedback in relaxed settings, we have kept up with the fast paced changing world of market research.


We are an owner managed, collaborative group of top-rated, independent facilities. Find out more.

Our Facility

Our many years of experience conducting qualitative research led us to create a focus group facility with the needs of the moderator and your clients in mind.

We recruit nationally, but call these zip codes home. Check our Zip Codes

We feature multiple conference rooms with attached viewing rooms; including floor to ceiling mirrors, private client lounges, fast wifi, cold drinks and everything you need to make our facility your home.

Our rooms are diverse, including living room setups, triads, and one on ones in addition to our conference setups.

Available Rooms:

Room Style Dimensions Adjacent Observation Room Capacity
Conference Room 1 15 x 20 6
Conference Room 2 30 x 15 10
Conference Room 3 20 x 15 15
Multiple Room 4 27 x 25 25
Multiple Room 5 24 x 16 15
Triad Room 14 x 8 6

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  • Please bring any requested photos or homework.
  • Please check the directions to the requested facility.
  • Please read your instructions carefully to check where to park.
  • We value your privacy, and do not sell your data to other companies.
  • Please do not call us about studies, we only recruit from our database.